Here is a selection of work from the four artists:

Christine Lafon
Afro Woman by Christine Lafon
Red Man by Christine Lafon
La Poterie: Sunrise by Christine Lafon
An extract of Standard Bearer No. 1 by Christine Lafon

Audrey Bowling
Vases Abstracted by Audrey Bowling
Shropshire Undulations 
by Audrey Bowling
Wound Up 
by Audrey Bowling
There's Gold in Them There Hills
by Audrey Bowling

Caroline Dewar

Chinese Lanterns by Caroline Dewar
Destitute by Caroline Dewar
Ghost 1 by Caroline Dewar
Resting by Caroline Dewar

Megan Ecclestone
Water Abstract
 by Megan Ecclestone
Graphite Blue-duotone 
by Megan Ecclestone
by Megan Ecclestone
Wave Motion by Megan Ecclestone